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We specialise in facilitating trade between your company and the enormous market potential of Iraq in a safe and trouble-free way.

With our extensive contacts and in-depth knowledge of Iraqi markets, government, legal practices and political climate, we can guide your company to expand into Iraq's expanding marketplace by sourcing individuals and companies in Iraq who will introduce your products into the local markets.

Is there a market for our products in Iraq?
There is a vast upcoming demand for products in Iraq. The country has one of the world's largest oil reserves and although there are political problems internally at the moment, these are being ironed out and it's only a matter of time before the country turns the corner. Iraq is currenty attracting massive foreign investment because it is widely recognised in international business circles that the country will slip into democratic peace shortly and will be able to enjoy the benefits resulting from it's considerable oil wealth.

Whilst the perception of Iraq is not positive at the moment, there are significant funds at the governments' disposal, which will be spent as the country's re-structuring and rebuilding programs get under way. The funds which will be available in the country should not be underestimated, and the demand for products will be more than considerable.
Products and companies that establish a presence now will enjoy decades of sales once the country settles and trade grows. It's an extremely opportune time to establish your presence in what will surely be a marketplace with great demands. As an example, at the moment we have Iraqi hospitals which urgently need supplies for items such as replacement knee joints. The demand and the funds are waiting there - all that is needed are the actual goods. The demand currently is for products from European or American companies which can guarantee the quality of the goods.

There is a massive effort in place at the moment to attract business to Iraq. To illustrate, here is an excerpt from the Iraqi Development Program website:

'Enjoying enormous trade and investment potential, Iraq has the resources to become the highest revenue generating country in the Middle East region. The efforts to aid Iraq’s development have resulted in heavy international donations, including a donation of $18.4 billion by the US Congress and $13 billion by other global organisations.

The need to develop Iraq is apparent in a number of industry sectors, including electricity, water, oil, health, transportation, agriculture and telecommunications among others. Within Iraq, it is imperative that power supplies and electrical grids are restored, oil and gas supplies are maximised and that a rebuilding program is fully implemented for the country's airports, roads and schools. Other areas where reform is needed include the overhauling of Iraq's water system, improving opportunities for education and reforming the healthcare sector.

Iraq has a need for a full range of products, services and systems, including hospital and security equipment, medicines, road and rail machinery, oil production tools, finance and telecommunication systems. It is thought that demand for materials and technology within the key sectors of the Iraqi economy may exceed $150 billion, with $60-$70 billion already needed to fully implement the projects already underway.'

What can we do for you?
Golden Links can help your company expand into these markets in a risk-free environment.  Read more about our services here.

Who are Golden Links?
We have considerable trading experience in Iraq, UK and the Middle East, with sister companies and offices in Iraq. Read more about our background here.

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trade with Iraq - Baghdad image


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trade with Iraq - Baghdad image