How can we open up new and lucrative markets for your company?

Essentially, what we do is very simple. We will find customers for your products in Iraq after undertaking a study and research on the product's saleability in the Iraqi marketplace.This is at no cost to you, and in the unlikely event that there does not appear to be a potential market for your product, then your company will have had to bear no expense.

Once we have established that there is a market for your particular product, we will use our extensive links to find or establish a supply channel within the country. Once this is done, we will purchase the products from your company in the UK and sell them in Iraq. We are a UK based company and as such, we are bound by UK trading laws so you are totally safe. We will need a couple of trade references from you, as is normal trading practice. Both our companies will agree to a straightforward contract. We will then buy the goods from you as we would have previously arranged and you can then send the goods to us (in the UK). We will then arrange shipping etc to Iraq.

To summarise:

  1. You approach us with a view to selling your products in Iraq.

  2. We conduct a feasibility study to establish a possible market.

  3. We discuss our buying price and establish trade references.

  4. We buy the goods from you.

  5. We ship the goods to Iraq.

If at a later date we establish that there is a considerable demand for your product in Iraq, should you wish, we can help set up a local office in Iraq so you can actually maintain a corporate presence there.

Lastly, we are an ethical company. Please don't ask us to sell anything that is export-restricted or illegal.


How does this benefit Golden Links as well as your company?

We will expect an export discount from companies who would like to work with us. We will sell the goods in Iraq to realise a small profit after freight & distribution costs. All we ask is that if we establish a reliable supply channel, you consider appointing us as a distributor for your product(s) in Iraq.

These services are also available for other Middle Eastern countries. Please contact us for more details.

trade with Iraq - Baghdad image


trade with Iraq - Baghdad image